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Luxury Half Cassette

Designer Awnings Luxury Half Cassette

What is a Half Cassette awning?

A full cassette awning is a semi enclosed unit where when closed all parts are protected from the elements but the folding arms are always visible underneath the front fabric valance (Scallop Frill).  Our half cassette awnings are a full aluminium frame design with the exception of the main bar so is suited to all areas. The luxury half cassette awnings uses state of the art award winning technology with folding arms alot bigger than alot of our competitors meaning they can with stand higher wind levels. Note any retractable awning should be closed in high winds or other bad weather conditions to protect it from damage.

Our luxury half cassette awning is a industrial unit and can be used in commercial, resedential or any other applications eg, Caravan, Horse float, Boat etc. View how the half cassette awning works on our video page or click here

What makes our awnings different?

  • Our awnings are German designed
  • Our awnings are a award winner, featuring technical innovations that set the standard in design, quality and durability
  • We use industrial strength and sized arms (compare the size and you will be suprised)
  • Our awnings only use high grade acrylic which is 98% UV  resistant and PU coated to make them water proof
  •  We back our awnings with a 3 year parts replacement warranty (some companies can only offer 1 or 2 years)


  • Alu Cassette: 212 mm x 70mm 1.6mm
  • Alu Front bar: 76mm x 64mm
  • Alu Front Arms section size: 55x30 mm, thickness 2.2 mm (Double the size of our competitors)
  • Alu Rear Arms section size : 61x33 mm, thickness 2.5 mm (Double the size of our competitors)
  • Roller : Alu 70mm Diameter


  • CE, GS Certified
  • Powder coated Aluminium casing and arms
  • Powered by a Dooya  50Nm motor subsidiary company of Somfy or manual
  • Awning Pitch/Angle can be adjusted from 5 degree to 35 degree
  • Folding arms are made of high grade aluminium and dual cable spring loaded
  • Awning plugs into a standard wall socket. (2 meter cord on left side) or manual
  • Manual crank (override for motorised) and handle provided
  • Structure is designed to withstand higher winds than your standard awning​



The width of the awning is from the outer casing not the canvas; please note this before measuring up the location for installation. The projection is from the wall to the to the end of the cassette. The bracketing on our awnings are located underneath the folding arms and for larger awnings extra brackets are supplied as required by manufacture specifications. If you have an area with specific mounting points send us a email so we can give you the locations of the brackets to confirm suitability.

  • Luxury half cassette awning fully assembled
  • Bolts and Dynabolts (Chemset resin will need to be purchased seperately)
  • Instruction manual
  • Remote control (motorised only)
  • Wall mounting brackets (other brackets can be purchase seperately check out our accessories page or click here
  • Winding handle


Our awnings are only made with quality acrylic fabric. Our fabric is 98% UV resistant and PU coated to make the area water proof in raining conditions(Note to have awning adjusted if used in rain so the water doesnt pool on the fabric.

We have our awnings produced in 3 popular solid colours:

Beige                              Grey                           Charcoal

Size options

We have our half cassette awnings available in both motorised or manual operation. Please note this when ordering.

Sizes available are as follows:

3.0m x 2.5m

3.5m x 3.0m

4.0m x 3.0m

4.5m x 3.0m

5.0m x 3.0m

5.6m x 3.0m

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