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Pratic  Retractable Awning - 'Ellisse'

The Pratic range of awnings are a new concept of sun protection to create unprecedented architectural scenarios. This range of awnings combines a minimalist design, advanced technology and precision design to conceal the functional elements. 

These characteristics, together with the wide range of custom sizes, colours and exclusive fabrics, mean that every architectural project can be perfected and enhanced.

The 'Ellisse' is the extensible awning with the award-winning and recognised box with an original and modern elliptical design, which has made this awning a real landmark among awnings.

Unmatched by any other manufacturer, the 'Ellisse' by Pratic can withstand winds of up to 70km/h. 

The Pratic range is built in Italy and backed by a 5 year warranty.


  • Full-cassette closure (protects fabric & components when not in use)

  • Aluminium frame and stainless steel components

  • Variable inclination (10 to 80 degrees)

  • Weather resistant and water repellent Tempotest® acrylic fabrics (10 years warranty) or Serge Ferrari® Soltis 92 fabrics (5 years warranty)

  • Fabrics sewn with Tenara® thread.

  • Heavy duty folding arms with stainless steel Fleyer chains, providing 50% more arm tension and tested to withstand wind speed of 70km/h under simulated turbulance

  • UV-resistant epoxy powder coat finish (available in a large range of colours) to meet Qualicoat standards

  • Wall & ceiling mounting options as standard

  • Geiger® manual crank operation  & Somfy® motorised operation available (with optional wind sensor control). Available as RTS or Hard Wired to integrate with home automation systems.

  • Made to order, so you can choose your width, projection, frame and canvas colours

  • Min. Size: Width 2.4m, Projection 1.5m

  • Max. Size: Width 5.4m, Projection 3.0m

  • Built in Italy and backed by a 5 year warranty


Pratic awnings are available with Tempotest® acrylic fabrics (10 year warranty) & Serge Ferrari® Soltis 92 fabric (5 years warranty) in order to satisfy the current needs of protection, reliability and duration over time.

Striped fabrics, equal striped or solid colours in different shades allow you to choose the most appropriate aesthetics solution.

Available in two fabric types: Tempotest or Soltis 92

  • Tempotest: With it's unique manufacturing in Italy, Tempotest fabric is resistant to mold & fungus, water & oil repellent, stain resistant & backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty. 
    100% solution-dyed acrylic fibre, blocking between 93% to 98% of UV rays (depending on the colour selected - over 150 to choose from). 
    CLICK HERE to download the brochure.

  • Soltis 92: Acts as an effective thermal protection shield. It blocks up to 97% of the heat when placed outside. Available in 48 colours, this micro-perforated screens offers best thermal performance.
    CLICK HERE to download the brochure.

Wall Mount

Ceiling Mount

Universal Bracket

Installation/Mounting Options

  • All Pratic 'Ellisse' awnings are supplied with universal type aluminium mounting brackets

  • Universal type mounting brackets allows for both wall and ceiling installation.

  • Brackets colour coded to match the awning

Powder Coating & Finishes

  • All Pratic awnings are manufactured with high grade aluminium and powder coated with durable Tiger powders, compromising of UV-resistant properties for a long lasting finish and designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

  • These coatings are especially designed for the architectural and
    construction industry, and have been proven over a 40 year lifespan.

  • All plastic is UV treated and hardware is stainless steel to ensure longevity in the harshest conditions.

 (white or aluminium)
(a longer lead time & surcharge applies)


  • The Pratic 'Ellisse' awning is made to order, so we can custom make the awning to your desired width & projection.

  • Simply measure the area you wish to cover and provide this information to our staff or we can come to do a measure & quote

  • The awning can be stopped at any position with a touch of a button, however maximum tension is achieved at full projection.

  • Min. Size: Width 2.4m, Projection 1.5m

  • Max. Size: Width 5.4m, Projection 3.0m


  • The Pratic awning range is available in a manual hand crank operation using the Geiger® (made in Germany) mechanical drive system or as a motorised operation using Somfy® tubular motors.

  • With motorised operation, there are various options available with Somfy® such as RTS or hard wired motors (suitable for home automation), wireless remote or wall switch, wind-sun sensors & Connexoon which allows you to control your awnings via an app on your smartphone.

Wireless Remote


Wind-Sun Sensor



Wind resistance evidence by the EN-1932 standard not enough?

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its models, Pratic also faced the wind tunnel where the Ellisse awning passed through dynamic tests that verify and confirm the strength and ability to withstand continuous fluctuations of the wind.

The Ellisse has shown, under conditions of simulate turbulence, to withstand a wind speed of 70km/h.

You may view the video of the wind tunnel testing, to the right.

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